Fourth of July -Don’t Lose Your Hearing

Every fourth we get a patient or two who has hearing loss from the fourth noise.  Please, if there is noise, use your fingers or hands to protect your hearing. This can be serious.

I am especially concerned about children.  Of course children don’t know any better.  They can expose themselves to excess noise and not be aware of the loss.  Then when the ear doctor sees them much later, it is too late to help them.

Beware of Weddings.  Last wedding I attended, the little kids were all plunked in front of the eight foot speakers that were putting out 110 decibel sounds! Practically a criminal act.

Guns are noisy. If you are going to do target practice, remember to keep the kids far away. They are more sensitive to the gun noise than you are.

If you have a smart phone, you can download a sound meter on it. These are FREE.  Get in the habit of reading these when you are around noise; this can save your hearing and avoid tinnitus.

I don’t want to see you in my office after the fourth because you can’t hear! But if that should happen, early treatment can be of help.

Have a happy quiet fourth!