The Humming Cure of Allergy and Asthma

Anyone can hum: “oooommm”  or star spangled banner or a popular song. Did you know that you can cure 50% of your ills by humming? Look up humming in the Pri Med index. When you hum you vibrate the head.…

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The Snoring Cure to Lose Weight

What is an Ear Nose and throat specialist doing writing about losing weight? The simple fact is that you CAN’T lose weight when you are snoring badly. That is because, without a good night’s sleep, in AM you are tired.…

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Sleepless in DreamLand

What is the one thought or subject you must never think of when you go to sleep? Read on: Most readers here are familiar with my writing on sleep aids including: The ten cent snoring cure – taping up the…

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Snoring? Just say “OOOMMM”

You probably already know that I recommend “ooommm” for speeding the nasal cilia. Read on to see why it also helps snoring. This is important because the latest research shows that even minor snoring can result in reflux, hypertension, stroke,…

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