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If you happen to know anyone who has stress, you might pass this on to them.

Unfortunately stress has an effect on nearly every aspect of our health. So much of our daily life: traffic, being late, the toilet overflowing – we react to exactly as though this is a tiger!  We are born with a single tiger response.  When we hear the tiger, out comes the adrenalin, rapid breathing, tight muscles, pounding heart.  The solution is to send NO TIGER signals to your limbic system.  HOW?

Breathe in count of four and out count of six. You are no longer breathing rapidly, and you are in an exhalation- relaxed- mode longer than in a tight contraction mode.

Look in the mirror. SEE your face, jaw, shoulders relax. If your muscles are relaxed, you send a NO TIGER signal to your stress center.

Reducing your unwanted stress chemicals helps you to be healthy and allow for natural healing.