Tinnitus Therapy from The American Academy

The American Academy of Otolaryngology has established Guidelines for the Treatment of Tinnitus. These guidelines are readily available.
They are clear as to how Tinnitus should be treated. Nothing in the guidelines says patients should “learn to live with it.”

Unfortunately, when I speak at meetings of the American Tinnitus Association, the patients attending the meetings have often not been treated according to the American Academy Guidelines!

The American Academy of Audiologists have Guidelines as to how to measure Tinnitus. These are clearly stated. Yet, only a few patients I see have had audiology evaluation based on these guidelines!

This is really a mystery to me. There are guidelines for treating tonsillitis, allergic sinusitis, enlarged adenoids, and so on. These are regularly referred to by practicing physicians. None of these guidelines say that patients with these conditions should just learn to learn to live with it!

If you have tinnitus, you may want to familiarize yourself with these guidelines to assist in your tinnitus therapy.

My book: The Whole Person Tinnitus Relief Program is based on these Clinical Practice Guidelines and is written so that patients can read and follow these recommendations. The book is free at www.drgrossantinnitus.com

These guidelines were formulated by a large group of Tinnitus specialists and are published in the medical journal:

Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2014 Oct;151(2 Suppl):S1-S40. doi: 10.1177/0194599814545325.
Clinical practice guideline: tinnitus. The authors:
Tunkel DE1, Bauer CA2, Sun GH3, Rosenfeld RM4, Chandrasekhar SS5, Cunningham ER Jr6, Archer SM7, Blakley BW8, Carter JM9, Granieri EC10, Henry JA11, Hollingsworth D12, Khan FA13, Mitchell S14, Monfared A15, Newman CW16, Omole FS17, Phillips CD18, Robinson SK19, Taw MB20, Tyler RS21, Waguespack R22, Whamond EJ23.

To repeat, there is no mention in these Clinical Practice guidelines on tinnitus that patients should just learn to live with tinnitus. Based on these guidelines, there are specific programs that aid all tinnitus patients that are explained in my book:
Stress Reduction
Cognitive Therapy
Sound Therapy
Better Sleep
Differential Diagnoses
Essential Products

Tinnitus can be a distressing symptom and should be treated properly.