Snoring? Just say “OOOMMM”

You probably already know that I recommend “ooommm” for speeding the nasal cilia. Read on to see why it also helps snoring. This is important because the latest research shows that even minor snoring can result in reflux, hypertension, stroke, and even much worse – an unhappy partner

However, simple solutions work. Not only for my patients, but in a recent publications of the respected magazine Chest* the authors report good results using the identical exercises I use to make the throat muscles strong and stop the noise.

I have described these in my blog – and in my article Tried Everything for Snoring published in Bottom Line Health on March 2011. However, in addition to these exercises, patients have an additional advantage in stopping snoring by adding pulsatile Nasal and Throat irrigation from the Hydro Pulse™

Throat exercises:

It takes time to build and strengthen muscles by exercise and the throat

is no exception. Do each exercise for three minutes.

  • Hold the tongue on the hard palate – the roof of the mouth.

Say the vowel sounds A, E, I, O, U. Push the tongue hard and make the sounds loud.

Move the tongue around as you do these. The sounds should be loud.

  • Place the tongue in front of the roof of the mouth. Then slide it all

the way to the back of the roof of the mouth while pronouncing the

vowels. Pronounce the vowels rapidly.

  • Press the tongue forcefully against the hard palate. Press frequently.
  • Press the tip of the tongue into just behind the lower incisor teeth

while pushing the back of the tongue into the floor of the mouth.

  • Blow up a balloon by sniffing air in hard through the nose and forcing

it out hard against the balloon with your mouth.

  • Swallow keeping the tongue on the roof of the mouth.
  • Repeat the words “ah hung” loudly. Feel that palate moving. Repeat

this with the tongue moving around the roof of the mouth.

Press your lips together and go “ooommm” loudly. The louder the better.

No, this is not fun and enjoyable; neither are sit ups. But if you want to avoid a snoring surgery and have a happy sleeping partner, this is what it takes.

How do these work? If you visualize someone with a flabby arm where the skin and fat hangs down. Here the muscles are weak with lots of accumulated fat. Now this person does three months of exercises daily that strengthens the arm muscles. Maybe she does weights daily or arm circles or other muscle builders. After three months, the flab and fat are gone and the arm skin and muscles are firm. Yes, she could have had surgery – the expense and the pain, but there is a second benefit of strong muscles.

Using the Hydro Pulse™ Nasal/Throat irrigator adds an additional advantage: Pulsatile Nasal Irrigation improves the nasal function and clears drainage into the throat that may cause throat swelling. Using the Hydro Pulse throat attachment, directs pulsatile irrigation to the tonsil and throat areas and helps reduce any swelling. The throat massage strengthens the muscles, just as massage to that fatty arm would.  Since drainage from the nose may be the cause of the swollen throat tissue, some patients have reported that just clearing the nose, and using the pulsed throat irrigation alone was sufficient. However, most patients respond faster using throat exercises plus pulsed nasal/throat irrigation.

Other aids include lifting the nasal tip to open the nasal valve, sleeping on the left side, avoid eating 3 hours before bedtime and sleep regular times with the room in darkness..

For a complete description see The Whole Body Approach for Allergy and Sinus Health by Murray Grossan M.D. Basic Health Publications.


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