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What is sinusitis?

Jim S went to his dentist because of pain in the left upper pre-molar areas. His dentist couldn’t find any cavities. He took an X-ray and showed Jim fluid in the maxillary sinus, pressing on the dental nerve. It was a sinus infection

Betty S had a stuffy nose since July. She kept taking over the counter medications and nose sprays. After 3 weeks she started to have pain between her eyes. When she saw her doctor she also had a fever and an elevated white count. He treated her for a sinus infection .

Billy V. was blowing yellow mucus out of his nose, and feeling tired. At night he he didn’t sleep because of the awful drainage. After 2 weeks his wife forced him to go to his doctor who diagnosed a sinus infection.

Fred P. had a problem, in his office where the cubicles were practically on top on one another, his co-workers kept moving away from him because of his cough. He saw the nurse, but all she did was take his temperature – normal – and give him aspirin and Vick’s cough syrup. Finally his supervisor told him he must see his doctor, because people refused to be near him for fear of tuberculosis or worse. His internist diagnosed a sinus infection.

Judy’s husband complained about her bad breath lately. She diligently used mouth wash and floss and gargled, but her husband said it didn’t help. When she saw the dentist, her gums and teeth were fine. He sent her to an ENT doctor who diagnosed a sinus condition.

Sara S found her singing voice crackly and giving out. She tried resting her voice, to no avail. By phone her doctor’s nurse told her to use steam inhalation. Her voice got worse, and she was having pain. Her doctor found a sinus infection that was spreading to her voice area.
o I blow yellow or green thick stuff out of my nose.
o My internist says I’ve got sinus disease.

o People move away from me because I have so much mucus and I cough so much.
o My coworker says I have sinus condition.
o I use a ton of tissues every day.
o My wife says it’s my sinuses.
o My breath is bad from thick nasal and throat mucus. My husband blames my sinuses.
o I wheeze when I exhale. My pulmonologist says it’s caused by sinus disease.
o My voice is raspy and hoarse, so I can’t pursue my singing career. My voice teacher says it’s due to my sinuses.

These are conditions I see often and turn out to be sinus disease. However, above all you need an accurate diagnosis.