Tinnitus Magic from the Ear Ringing Relief App

   If you have ringing in the ear, it may comfort you to know that Barbara Streisand, Engelbert Humperdinck, President Eisenhower, Ozzy Osbourne and Peter Frampton have it too. This therapy is for them as well.      You, as well…

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Is it Allergy or Sinusitis? Why Breakfast in Bed for Allergy?

To prevent snoring, have breakfast in bed. Huh? Please explain: If you go to any pharmacy today, you will find the shelves crammed with pills, sprays, inhalers, and liquids for allergy relief. You will find those aisles crowded by persons…

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Is it Allergy or Sinusitis?

Always check the pollen calendar when allergy symptoms start. Then you will know to start Nasalcrom before the pollen hits next year. To reduce allergy symptoms: Hot tea lemon and honey. Green or black. Drinking hot tea reduces allergy symptoms.…

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Got Allergy? Get a Massage

Got Allergy? Get a Massage Why massage for allergy? When you have inflammation and swelling, there is a build up of certain factors of inflammation called NF-kB. This appears to be just as true of the sore tennis muscle as…

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