LA Times Article on Fall Allergy Leaves Out What’s Important.

The Oct 12 Los Angeles Times article by Karen Ravn did give an excellent description of why California is “blessed” with so much pollen. She writes: you’ll wind up with a runny or blocked-up nose, red, watery, itchy eyes, and…

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Allergy? Hay Fever? Do the Arithmetic.

Part One: To be free of allergy symptoms, do the numbers. To avoid the fall pollen season symptoms, you need Arithmetic. Allergy to Do number one Allergy is arithmetic. It is the sum of these factors that causes symptoms: Pollen…

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Stop Snoring from Allergy Now

As I write this, August 2013, the grass pollen allergy season is in full swing and you can hear  snoring in many apartments. Jack V., age 28,  never snores except during May and June. This bothers his companion and he…

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Got Allergy? Don’t Get a Sinus Infection

Got Allergy? Don’t Make it a Sinus Infection This year is predicted to be a bad allergy season –in spring it’s trees, in summer it’s grass and in fall it’s weeds. It is common for the sinus doctor to see…

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