Tinnitus Magic from the Ear Ringing Relief App

   If you have ringing in the ear, it may comfort you to know that Barbara Streisand, Engelbert Humperdinck, President Eisenhower, Ozzy Osbourne and Peter Frampton have it too. This therapy is for them as well.

     You, as well as anyone with tinnitus can benefit by using the  Ear Ringing Relief app to dispel that ringing noise. Here is how it works it’s “magic.”

   In part one there are ten actions that reduce stress and anxiety that people like Ludwig Van Beethoven had with their ear noises. Each of these actions, such as measured breathing, has been used to reduce the stress associated with tinnitus.

The second part of Ear Ringing Relief app for the iPhone presents the tinnitus sounds. The user selects the actual sound and volume. This can be used to demonstrate the sound to the doctor.

Once identified, the sound can be used to inhibit the tinnitus. Since it is heard from the outside, the brain has no reason to generate it on the inside. After listening to the sound for a minute, stop the sound and see if your tinnitus is inhibited. See how long the inhibition lasts. Repeat this, trying to make the inhibition last longer.

Another application for Ear Ringin Relief app is to simply play the sound continuously from the iPhone at a comfortable level. This is a type of masking – the body hears the outside sound and therefore doesn’t hear or make the inside sound.

A method that works is to use the principle of biofeedback. Here, you play your tinnitus sound at a lower volume than your own tinnitus. Relax, using the actions from part one of the app. Have your tinnitus volume match the outside app volume. Then keep lowering the app volume to lower the personal volume.

If your tinnitus is in one ear only, you can play, from the iPhone, your tinnitus sound in the normal ear. Then lower the volume in the iPhone ear and allow your tinnitus ear sound to match the iPhone volume being played in the normal ear.

In the Biofeedback Clinic, this may take twice weekly visits for six weeks or more. The advantage of using the app, is that you can practice this daily at your best time. Best of all, you don’t have to drive downtown and pay for parking.

In these app applications, you are changing your actual brain circuits. This takes time and practice. If you use the analogy of building a strong muscle from a weak flabby arm, you know that doing one minute of lifting one pound won’t get rid of the flab. But gradually increasing the weight and time of exercise, especially fifteen minutes twice a day will build a big muscle and get rid of the flabbiness. Making new circuits in the brain is very similar; it takes repetition.

I tell my patients to think of this as learning to play tennis. You practice the grip, the ball toss, the backhand. If you practice for five minutes once a month… right, you won’t get the circuits to make you a good player. Use that analogy to practice these tinnitus relief methods at least 15 minutes, twice a day. Practicing the part one from the App actions, a minute each, helps you engage your whole person into the healing.

The formular of the tinnitus caps www.drgrossantinnitus.com is designed to deliver those hearing products that are important to hearing metabolism/function. Increasing the presence of these can aid in tinnitus therapy.

Help your friend. 50 million people have tinnitus that could have been prevented or cured. Tell them about this series on tinnitus therapy.

My patients really appreciate that now, instead of telling the doctor, “I have a noise in my ear/head, they can turn on their iPhone or Pad or Pod, and demonstrate the sound pitch and volume. This show and tell will definitely avoid hearing the doctor say, “Just live with it.”