Is it Allergy or Sinusitis? Why Breakfast in Bed for Allergy?

To prevent snoring, have breakfast in bed. Huh?

Please explain:
If you go to any pharmacy today, you will find the shelves crammed with pills, sprays, inhalers, and liquids for allergy relief. You will find those aisles crowded by persons with red noses. Forget the pharmacies, try breakfast in bed.

How does that work? When you have allergy, your body has what I call a crooked thermostat. Normally your body adjusts to temperature changes easily. But, when you have allergy, because your thermostat is “crooked,” instead of the normal temperature adjustments when you come out of your warm bed onto the cool floor, your body warms up by having you sneeze and hack. All this movement does warm your body; unfortunately once the sneezing starts, there is a cascade effect, histamines and allergic factors are released and the symptoms continue, sometimes for the whole day.

Have hot tea, lemon and honey from a thermos or electric pot. This has to be green or black tea. These contain a product called L-theonine, this is like a super anti-oxidant that significantly reduces allergy symptoms and increases nasal cilia speed and effectiveness. This can be with or with out caffeine. In addition to the tea, any regular breakfast food taken in bed is fine. For most persons, avoiding that morning “attack” can make a huge difference.

All this helps nasal cilia. These cilia are tiny oars that move bacteria and pollen out of the nose. “if the nasal cilia slow down, then bacteria can remain in place and multiply and cause a sinus infection. When cilia are too slow, pollen accumulates in the nose. “

To insure good cilia movement, do humming in a low tone, like “oooommmm.” This will stimulate the cilia as well as break up thick mucus. Jump rope and jumping jacks help too. If mucus does thicken and turn green or yellow, daily use of pulse wave irrigation is ideal for removing this infected mucus to prevent the sinus infection. For example, the Hydro Pulse Nasal/Sinus irrigator pulses at a rhythm best for restoring cilia movement. Once the cilia is restored, there is no need to continue Hydro Pulse irrigation; you don’t need to be more normal.

Note: Daily irrigation is not recommended for allergy or sinusitis. You remove the good factors that help the body’s natural resistance. Especially if you are using pots or squeeze bottles that have flowback; here the purulent mucus from your nose flows back into the pot or squeeze bottle and that is an ideal place for bacteria to grow; often persons reinfect themselves.
The big advantage of the Hydro Pulse, besides having no flowback, is that you don’t need to continue irrigation once the nasal cilia have returned to normal. No need to be more normal.

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