Got Allergy? Get a Massage

Got Allergy? Get a Massage

Why massage for allergy? When you have inflammation and swelling, there is a build up of certain factors of inflammation called NF-kB. This appears to be just as true of the sore tennis muscle as it is of swollen nasal tissue. Removing those factors not only heals local tissue, but also gives an overall feeling of better health.

This is why, if you have a massage for a sore pitching arm, the muscle pain is relieved, but you feel better all over.

Last year was a bad allergy season. This year may be worse. That is because of the longer spring season, the expected temperature increase and the elevation of carbon dioxide in the air.

Allergy symptoms may be worse for the city dweller. Ragweed in the city produces about 10 times more pollen than the same plant in the country, according to Lewis Ziska of the U.S. Dept of Agriculture. In addition, trees are flowering earlier this year.

When you use the massage action of the Hydro Pulse Nasal/Sinus irrigator, that massage action reduces the swollen nasal tissue, the nose opens up, and the irrigation removes certain factors of inflammation and allergy. Therefore, in addition to being able to breathe clearly by this irrigation, there is an overall feeling of increased energy and health. Another helpful factor is that the same massage irrigation action carries away the pollen from the nose as well as any bacteria trying to get into the body. The other important action of the Hydro Pulse is to drain sinus cavities.

Here are important allergy recommendations:
Keep windows closed while driving
Plants pollinate about 5 AM and 5 PM so close bedroom windows then.
Don’t get chilled, wear a cover when going from hot outside to cold inside.
Don’t bring pollen into the house; change clothing before entering the bedroom.
Keep bedroom dust free and odor free.
Use unscented lipstick, perfume, after-shave lotion.
Avoid spicy foods – chili, hot sauce.
Before getting out of bed, drink hot tea. This warms the body and avoids the morning sneezing cascade. Yes, correct, that’s breakfast in bed.

If you have been advised to have allergy desensitization and keep putting it off, consider that this pollen season promises to be longer and heavier.

In the past, I saw patients after weeks of sneezing, their natural immune system was exhausted. Often, the massage by irrigation was sufficient to give them relief. With others, though, the allergy weeks of sneezing and not sleeping had built up sore muscles in the body. For these patients a full body massage may give excellent relief.

After weeks of allergy, the nasal cilia are also exhausted. If the nasal cilia are not moving bacteria out of the nose, they remain in place and multiply to cause a sinus infection. By using the Hydro Pulse irrigator, the rate of pulsation acts to restore the cilia good movement, as well as to massage away allergy and inflammation factors.

If your regular allergy therapy isn’t getting you well, and you feel exhausted, I recommend you consider getting a massage.