7 Steps to Sinus Relief


Make the diagnosis. If you get a fresh sinus infection every 4 -6 weeks, it is probably the same infection not fully cleared up. Use irrigator. If you sneeze, eyes run, according to the pollen season, it is probably nasal allergy. Are your cilia too slow? The doctor can take a particle of saccharin, place it in your nose to see how long it takes for you to taste the sweet taste. Or you can use Breathe.ease XL nasal gel placed in the nose, see how long it takes for the sweet Xylitol to reach the back of your throat where you can taste it on the tongue. This is also useful to determine when your sinus problem is cured–when the cilia function normally. When normal, you taste the sweet taste of Xylitol in 5 minutes. 20 minutes means you have poor function. 30 minutes means you have very impaired cilia function.


Use irrigation to keep the nose clean and functional for optimum sinus relief. Avoid products with preservatives such as benzalkonium that can harm the nose.


Sinus pain may come from swollen membranes. Moist heat to the sinus area, lots of water to avoid dryness, lots of hot tea are helpful for sinus relief. Enzymes such as papain from papaya and bromelain from pineapple, when taken to dissolve in the mouth are useful to reduce sinus swelling and thereby the pain. Clear.ease is a combination of papain and bromelain that is calibrated as to enzyme units.

If the tip of your nose is low, try lifting it up to see if that opens the nasal valve. If it does, if you get easier breathing, tape it up gently at night for better sleep and less snoring.


Dust, mold and strong odors cause sinus difficulties. Cats, dogs -especially in the bedroom prevent healing. Dust proof the bedroom.


Healing nutrients are important for sinus relief. Foods rich in Vitamin C, Antioxidants, beta carotene are important. A high fat diet without greens will lower your resistance. You need magnesium, selenium and zinc too.


Relax! Any condition- an itch, a cramp or asthma- can be made worse by anxiety reinforcement. The more it itches, the more you scratch, the more nervous you get, the more it itches, the more nervous you get, and so on. You can use a mirror as a biofeedback device to prevent this cycle. Sit in front of a mirror. See your face, jaw, shoulders. Breathe in count of four and out count of six. Make exhalation longer than inhalation.

As you exhale, let this be a signal to relax your MUSCLES of the face, jaw, shoulders, etc. You cannot have anxiety if your muscles are relaxed. Let the mirror tell you when. Once you learn this you can do it without the mirror. This method of relaxation is strongly recommended for asthmatic kids.


Choose the most effective medical treatment for sinus relief. Today there are newer antihistamines for allergy that don’t cause much drowsiness. They can be combined with a decongestant. If your system is exhausted -after sneezing non stop for 6 weeks, complete rest in bed is effective in restoring your natural cortisone. Or your doctor may prescribe a short course of prednisone which somewhat does the same thing. Some nasal sinus problems come from acid coming from your stomach into the nose and throat. Follow the directions for avoiding this problem including elevating the head of the bed, avoid eating after 8 PM, avoid spices and take an antacid your doctor may recommend.

You may find that one of the cortisone sprays -Rhinocort, Flonase, etc. gives you complete relief with just one spray each day.