Tinnitus Relief with the Ear Ringing Relief App

The Whole Person Tinnitus Relief Program (WPTRP)

The key to tinnitus relief is to use all the known factors that produce relief. These include:
o Cognition – have a full understanding about tinnitus mechanisms
o Stress and Anxiety reduction
o Daily use of physical actions that reduce tinnitus
o A coach to guide you, to do the actions correctly, such as mirror biofeedback
o Masking and distraction techniques
o Improving the body chemistry

All these elements are detailed in the Whole Person Tinnitus Relief Program so that you engage the whole person: the brain, the nerves, the ear, and various muscles too.

The WPTRP has three essential parts:

One: A book that details cognition , stress reduction and the actions that you perform for relief. Dr Murray Grossan’s books, Ringing in the Ear – Tinnitus Relief and the expanded version, Stressed? Anxiety? Your Cure is in the Mirror. Both books are available at Amazon.

Two: A smart phone app that enables you to practice the tinnitus relief actions daily. As in learning any sport, the more you practice the better the results. Part one is voice/text of the ten actions that are important for relief. Part two provides the sounds of the hearing spectrum so you can match and listen from the app, what you subjectively hear.
o You play your tinnitus sound, get inhibition of your sound, then practice having the inhibition last longer. Use the period of tinnitus inhibition for sleep.
o Use the app to show your tinnitus. Demonstrate the tone and volume to your doctor and family.
o Use the app for biofeedback. Play the sound at a lower volume, relax and lower your own volume.
o Masking: Play the app in the background for masking.

The app, Ear Ringing Relief is on iTunes for the iPhone, and

Three: Supplements and antioxidants that are used in the hearing /healing mechanism. . DrGrossan’s Tinnitus Caps are available at www.drgrossantinnitus.com. These products are enhanced by being in combination.

Reading the book about tinnitus does not create the new circuits; it is necessary to engage the whole person. Daily actions are needed to change the tinnitus circuits. The book explains how neuroplasticity is used to make circuits that correct the unwanted tinnitus ones.

After you read the book of actions that relieve tinnitus you follow those actions with the App.

It is important that certain vitamins/antioxidants and minerals of hearing be provided for best healing. The book explains how to use these elements as part of the Whole Person program

This effective tinnitus program is from the book by Murray Grossan, Stressed? Anxiety? Your Cure is in the Mirror. In addition to the sections on tinnitus, there are over fifty programs and actions for getting rid of can’t and don’t, better sleep, increasing creativity, and medication enhancement – how to increase the effectiveness of any medicine or therapy.
Dr Grossan’s blog is at www.grossaninstitute.com

No one needs to ever feel that their tinnitus can’t be reliefed.