What Works for Your Sore Throat

Ever get a sore throat? At least 99.9% have had a sore throat at one time. What is important is to avoid the painful throat becoming a full blown infection.

For a sore throat, (pharyngitis or tonsillitis, you need a good immune system and you also need grandma.

Grandma told you to drink hot soup. Actually there are factors in chicken soup that do aid healing. She also told you to take hot tea, lemon and honey. That too is great advice; the warmth brings more circulation to the area and tea has healing elements. For your sore throat she made you rub menthol on your chest. That too is good for pharyngitis because the menthol opens the nose for better breathing.

The goal in early treatment of a sore throat, or tonsillitis, is to bring good circulation to the area; the more circulation the more good white cells there are to fight the bad bugs.
Whether your condition is pharyngitis, tonsillitis, or laryngitis, it is a pain in the neck and early treatment can avoid a major illness.

The reason the Hydro Pulse™ Throat irrigator is effective for early sore throats is because the pulsing massage not only milks away stale products, but the massage action also brings in more circulation with good bacteria fighters.

In an early sore throat or tonsillitis, there may be clumps of bacteria in the tonsil crypts. The tonsil crypts are the deep tonsil holes normally present, but may fill with bacteria when there is an infection. The pulsing action of the Hydro Pulse™ Throat irrigation is directed precisely to this area when you direct the stream to just behind the last tooth. That is why there is no gagging when you irrigate the throat.

In some patients, it is the back of the throat that is inflamed. With the throat irrigator the solution is still pulsing as it goes from the side of the throat, around the back, and out the other side. Surface bacteria are carried away too.

With the sharp increase of antibiotic resistance today, it is vital to have a means of stopping the throat infection as early as possible. This also means avoiding dancing all night; in other words early bed rest.

Notice that the Hydro Pulse™ comes with two throat irrigators. That is because when one member of the family gets a sore throat, it is important to prevent other members from getting it too. There are two irrigators so that each member of the family can start irrigation right away, to prevent the spread of pharyngitis (sore throat) to others in the family.