Netflix is better than Penicillin For Your Sore Throat

If you go to bed and watch funny movies, the rest, the humor, all help you fight the infection. Best of all, with Netflix you don’t get influenced by the television ads that tell you to gargle or take “miracle throat cure pills.”

True story: Jack was macho, muscles where his brain should be. He had a great voice, good looks, and was headed for a singing career. At nineteen he was already making money singing at local weddings. He felt a sore throat coming on Sunday and was worried because he had an important show on the following Saturday. So Monday he gargled and continued on Wednesday. Noticed his getting hoarse, and being macho, he gargled stronger and stronger. Unfortunately when I saw him on Friday he had hemorrhaged his vocal cords and despite treatment, they were permanently damaged. When the vocal cords are inflamed, vigorous gargling can cause serious damage.

If Jack had watched funny films on Netflix instead of gargling, he would still have his voice today.

My advice to watch funny movies is not just hearsay. Years ago, a famous writer, Norman Cousins, lay dying at UCLA, one of the top medical centers. The doctors had given up hope of getting him well. His friends brought in a moving projector and showed him funny movies. He laughed and got well. Because of this he helped found the science of psyconeuroimmunology, where they analyze the chemistry of how these actions make people heal.

It is a bit confusing: you irrigate with warm water and you drink iced water! That is because cold things are anesthetic. It is important to maintain a high fluid intake and it is easier to drink cold things. Go easy on the fruit drinks; many persons get upset tummy from too much of these that they are not used to.

During cold/sore throat season every TV shows ads for gargling. Unfortunately gargling is like rubbing your eyes hard when they are inflamed.

Since the voice box – the larynx is a bit swollen in a sore throat, gargling can “damage” the larynx and cause hoarseness that is hard to clear.

Typical story: She was getting a sore throat on Monday, saw the ad for the gargling, and started gargling on Tuesday. Since her throat was getting worse, she continued to gargle more and more and by Friday she had lost her voice!. Don’t let that happen to you.

Yes, everyone tells you to gargle. There has never been a scientific study that proves that gargling is effective for throat infections; what I see in my office is the bad effects! Yes, it is okay to swish a solution around your throat, or use stem inhalation. However if you want to use a prescribed solution for a throat condition, it is best to deliver it to the throat by Hydro Pulse™ throat irrigation.

When you do Hydro Pulse™ throat irrigation plain water is fine. You can use salt solution if preferred or most any solution. It is the liquid and pulsation that is therapeutic.

Similarly when you use the throat irrigator for snoring cure, a warm solution of plain water is fine. It is the massaging action that builds up the throat muscles to clear the snoring.

You should appreciate the Hydro Pulse™ throat irrigator; before it, you were directed to get an Enema bag and use the child’s enema tip to irrigate your throat! Yuck!

If you find this material useful, please use it for your own blog or messages. The more people around you avoid spreading bad bacteria, the less chance you or your family will wind up with an infection that is resistant to drugs.