What is the Grossan Institute? Why is it Written?

What is the Grossan Institute? Why is it Written?

The Grossan Institute blog is a result of my medical school training in rural Georgia. We were trained to be country doctors, and to practice without the fancy big city facilities. Plus my patients are scuba divers. Therefore, mine is a Whole Person Approach, preferably without drugs or antibiotics. The Whole Person, the Mind, is a wonderful healer.

The reason for the Grossan Institute (GI) comes from what I see daily in my practice.
A chronic infection that could have been avoided by humming.
An infection that is resistant to antibiotics
A patient made much worse by being told that nothing can be done for their tinnitus, or Empty Nose Syndrome, or Bell’s Palsy or hearing loss or headaches.
Patients who could be helped/cured by engaging the whole person.
Patients who can be cured by simple habits.
Patients who suffered their entire lives from snoring and the fatigue who are cured by a ten cent a day tape to lift the nasal tip and open the valve; or by sleeping on 50 cent tennis ball to remind them to sleep on their side.
Patients who are diagnosed and treated for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and actually have infection of the gums. (one the gums were no longer diseased, their fatigue was gone.

The list goes on and on.
For example: Ella B. has had chronic nasal congestion for years. It interfered with her sales job, her sleeping, her enjoyment of food. Turns out she was irrigating her nose with a squeeze bottle where her own bacteria flowed back into her nose and reinfected her.

Basil R. had nasal surgery to fix his chronic nasal congestion. Six months later, he had no improvement, or was worse. Basil was cured when he stopped using an expensive nasal spray that contained a preservative, Benzalkonium, to which he had become sensitized and was causing his nose to be very irritated. The cure: mix his own nasal spray fresh without preservatives.

Jerry L was worried about poor sleep. He was told to get a sleep study, but his insurance didn’t cover that. He didn’t have any breathing problem; I tested him and found that waterfall sounds relaxed him. With a few simple suggestions and a device that makes a waterfall sound in his bedroom, he was cured.

Another reason for this blog is that it is very easy for people to get confused by the daily barrage of “miracle” cures. Miracle ear drops to cure deafness. “Miracle” herbs to build muscles. The United States is one of the few countries where “herbs” and “natural” supplements are manufactured and sold completely unregulated. Today we read about liver disease caused by some of these “supplements.” I need a source of recommendations you can trust.

However the most important reason for this blog is that it is now 2014. Every year our antibiotics become less effective against common bacteria. Last year CDC (Communicable Disease Center) estimated at least 22, 000 deaths due to drug resistant infections. CDC estimates more in the future. So, it is important to know that sinus infections can be treated by restoring nasal cilia function with pulsatile irrigation and why using irrigation at the correct pulse frequency – such as the Hydro Pulse™ Nasal/Sinus Irrigator helps to promote good nasal cilia function. It is important to know that doctors today, instead of ordering large doses of antibiotic orally that can upset the stomach, prefer to simply add that to the Hydro Pulse™ sinus irrigation instead.

I write this blog in hopes that others will download my articles and tell others about them. After all, the fewer the people that use unnecessary antibiotics, the fewer resistant bacteria my own family needs to face.