TINNITUS: The Whole Person Program – Relief of Ringing in the Ear


The Whole Person Program:  Relief of Ringing in the Ear


The key to tinnitus relief is to engage the entire person in a program that changes the  ringing in the ear circuits. In order to engage the whole person, the program consists of three items:


  • The Book The Whole Person Tinnitus Relief Program
  • The Ear Ringing Relief App from iTunes
  • The Dr Grossan Tinnitus Caps available www.drgrossantinnitus.com



Step one:  Read the book; The Whole Person Tinnitus Relief Program – WPTRP. The book explains why certain actions work to replace the unwanted circuits in the ear-brain.  Once you understand what tinnitus actually is – a circuit- how stress can amplify that circuit, and why this program works to change that circuit, then the healing takes place.

The book is available at www. Drgrossantinnitus.com

Step Two:   Use the Ear Ringing Relief App for iPhone or iPod. Available iTunes

This has two parts:

  • Ten actions of breathing and mirror feedback that are known to

fix circuits

  • The Masking / Healing sounds

With the Ear Ringing Relief app you can replicate your own tinnitus sound. When you hear it from the outside iPhone you can use it:

  • Mask your tinnitus:  Just like any outside sound can “mask” your tinnitus, hearing your own actual sound from outside can do this too.
  • Residual Inhibition: After you hear the Ear Ringing Relief sound, turn it off. For a time your own tinnitus sound stops – in inhibited. With practice, you can make your period of inhibition longer
  • Nerve Enhancement: Play the app tinnitus sound. Now lower the volume. Now let your own tinnitus match that lower volume. Keep lowering the outside volume and matching to lower your own volume, till it is no longer present.
  • Habituation: By playing the app sound at a low volume constantly, your own tinnitus losses any significance. The mind habituates.

Third step: The Dr. Grossan Tinnitus Caps.

The  14 products in the Tinnitus caps are a significant part of the Whole Person Program. The elements known to be important in the hearing mechanism are combined so that they operate in synchrony. The more you understand how these products work, the more input you from your brain and whole person, the more effective are these important elements.

Dr. Grossan’s Tinnitus Caps are available at: www.drGrossantinnitus.com.  These products are enhanced by being in combination.

Reading the book about tinnitus does not create the new circuits; it is necessary to engage the whole person.  Daily actions are needed to change the tinnitus circuits. The book explains how the whole person is used to make circuits that correct the unwanted tinnitus ones, how the tinnitus caps products aid the healing process. .

After you read the book of actions that relieve tinnitus you follow those actions, like practicing tennis or golf.

It is important that certain vitamins/antioxidants and minerals of hearing be provided for best healing. The book explains how to use these elements as part of the Whole Person program, and why they work.

As you know, persons suffer needlessly when they are told to “Just Live with it.”  With the Whole Person Tinnitus Relief program, no one ever needs to feel that their tinnitus can’t be relieved.

With the WPTRP, instead of saying “ I have a noise in my ear”, now you can demonstrate the actual sound and its volume to family or doctors.

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