The Ten Cent Snoring Cure

On the internet, Google offers sixteen million pages of items that are recommended for snoring. These range in price from many thousands of dollars on down. Because so many are costly – and unproven – Hydro Med offers the ten cent snoring cure because it is so effective.

Builders offer a snoring solution: two master bedrooms to solve the snoring problem.
The dental association has help for your snoring
The ear nose and throat doctors have help for snoring
The sleep mattress company has help for snoring
The plastic surgeon offers help
The band aid people offer help
So do the “miracle cure” people.
Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, offer dozens of books for a cure.
The pulmonary people offer a cure – the CPAP

Most “cures” are costly. This is why the ten cent snoring cure is needed. It is important to stop the snoring so that it doesn’t advance to serious sleep apnea. (apnea – not breathing)

Despite the hundreds of offered cures, snoring remains a significant problem associated with marital unhappiness, It is a major cause of auto and industrial accidents, and brings on metabolic diseases. It is important to stop snoring to prevent the severe snoring, called Type Three.

Type One snoring is “social”. There is good sleep and minimal bother to the companion. May lead to type Two.

Type Two snoring: This is associated with snoring that bothers the partner, causes fatigue the next day, and results in a vicious cycle:
Fatigue next day; results in eating for energy
Overeating leads to increase in weight
Increase in weight adds more fat and thickness to the throat. This blocks airway further; the snoring and fatigue increase and you get more eating. As this cycle continues, you get to Type Three snoring..

Type Three: Here the breathing is actually blocked with periods of turning blue. There may be periods of anoxia, where the brain doesn’t get oxygen. Secondary factors may be caused or related and including hypertension, diabetes, fatigue and reduced sexual energy. Serious auto or industrial accidents are associated.

In breathing, air enters the nose, goes past the upper throat where adenoids or nasal polyps may block breathing.
In the middle throat the soft palate may be thick and heavy and fall back to block the air passage. The tongue can fall back and obstruct the airway. The tonsils may be enlarged and block.
The lower throat may also block the airway. The short beefy neck may be a problem. There may be acid coming up from the stomach that inflames the throat, causing more blockage.

The nose is the first place the breathing takes place. The airway of the nose contains a valve where the lower end of the nose meets the mid section. In early childhood, the nasal tip is raised, the nasal valve is wide open. In the adult, the nasal tip may descend; the lower the tip, the more it “hangs down”, the more the valve blocks the airway. .

To test the valve, raise the tip of the nose up towards the eyes. If that improves the airway in the erect posture, the improvement in sleep can significantly improve snoring.

To secure the nasal tip in the open valve position, cut a 3 inch strip of ½ inch medical grade tape, a dime’s worth. Place this under the nose, towards the front so it doesn’t block the passages, then straight up over the top middle of the nose to just between the eyes. The lift does not have to be excessive. With practice, the best position for lifting the valve will become obvious. Feedback from your partner will report on the snoring relief.

If snoring relief is not sufficient, consider making the muscles of the throat stronger:

These throat exercises reduce snoring:
*Place the tongue in front of the roof of the mouth. Then slide it all the way to the back of the roof of the mouth. In positions from front to back,
pronounce vowels A, E, I, O, U rapidly for 3 minutes.
*Press the tongue hard against the hard palate. Press frequently.
*Press the tip of the tongue into just behind the incisor teeth while pushing the back of the tongue into the floor of the mouth.
*Swallow keeping the tongue on the roof of the mouth.

These exercises need to be done for 3 minutes each. It takes time to build and strengthen muscles by exercise and the throat is no exception.

If snoring persists, blockage may be due to postnasal drainage or sinusitis. Use Hydro Pulse Nasal Irrigation to clear the sinuses. When you irrigate nose/sinuses with the Hydro Pulse, the rate of pulsation is designed to match the best rate of the nasal cilia. Once the nasal cilia are restored to normal pulsed rate, most postnasal drainage and sinus problems are significantly improved. Best of all, once the sinuses are clear, there is no need to continue Hydro Pulse nasal irrigation.

Use the Throat Hydro Pulse Irrigation to massage throat and reduce throat swelling. This attachment that is included in the Hydro Pulse package, is designed to pulse the tonsil and other throat structures that might block airway in sleep. Just as you massage a swollen arm/shoulder to reduce the swelling, similarly you use the Hydro Pulse Throat irrigator to massage swollen throat tissue.

Additional aids for snoring: sleep on the left side, avoid eating three hours before bedtime, put a tennis ball on the back T shirt to prevent sleeping on the back.

To prevent the snoring circle, test the ten cent cure in order to prevent stage three snoring and sleep apnea.

The detailed book on snoring,
Snoring? The Sooner You Stop it the Better
Is available at or write for Dora.

If you are snoring, the sooner you stop it, the sooner you prevent some of the significant complications that come with severe snoring. If you still snore after the ten cent and other recommendations here, please see your doctor to avoid the hypertension, fatigue, and other complications.