Why are there throat irrigators included with the Hydro Pulse Nasal/ Sinus Irrigator?

The Hydro Pulse is a Nasal/Sinus Irrigator device for sinus and allergy problems. Why are there two throat irrigator attachments included?

throat-tip-smallSore Throats from Sinus Drainage:

A sinus infection drains into the throat, both by postnasal drip and by draining through lymph channels. This is why sore throats are common with a cold, or a sinus infection

In a sore throat there is swelling of the throat and tonsils. When the HP is used with the throat attachment, that pulsing action removes bacteria from the crypts of the tonsils, removes surface bacteria, and brings healthy circulation to the area. The massaging action reduces swelling and helps to drain away infected material, similar to a body massage. If the throat irrigator is used at the start of a sore throat, this often clears the local bacteria, reduces swelling so that incoming healing elements are more effective. It is the natural healing elements that stop a sore throat – the good white cells and enzymes. By bringing in more of these, the body can overcome an early infection.

How to Stop Sore Throats in Families

In many families a sinus problem starts with Dad, which leads to a sore throat with dad, which goes to mom, then to brother and finally to sister, then back to dad. In order to prevent this round robin of infection, I have included the two throat attachments to the Hydro Pulse. By using pulsatile throat irrigation the moment anyone feels a sore throat coming on, this circle can be prevented.

Breath Odor from Stale Mucus

With bad breath, (halitosis),  stale mucus in the sinuses are a factor that is cleared by the HM pulsing nasal/sinus irrigation. However, the throat may also be involved, so I recommend doing throat irrigation as well.


A common throat complaint I hear is that they see white spots on the tonsils, and are concerned about breath from this. These white spots in the tonsils are called Tonsillolith, because sometimes the white spots are as hard as a stone. Actually this is not really a disease. It is perfectly natural for the tonsils to secrete dead bacteria, mixed with white cells into the tonsil crypts or holes. But because of the concern for breath, the throat irrigator is designed specifically to remove those spots. The pulsing action is directed to the area and readily removes the material from the tonsil holes or crypts.

Fortunately the HP throat irrigator can be use by kids of 5 who get frequent sore throats. The fluid goes in one side and out the other without causing gagging or discomfort. Even patients referred to have their tonsils removed have benefitted by clearing the infection and avoiding surgery.

Stop Snoring Early

A major problem today is snoring. I have discussed how important it is to stop snoring when it is early to prevent it becoming a serious condition such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea. In snoring the sinus irrigation is used to clear nasal blockage or infection. The throat irrigation is used to reduce throat infection or swelling, and to get rid of throat fat to stop the snoring.

Hydro Pulse for Weight Loss

The Hydro Pulse is actually a device to help you lose weight! This is because when you snore, you may feel tired next day and you need to eat for energy. With serious snoring, it is almost impossible to lose weight because you are so fatigued the nest day. But by clearing the nose with the sinus irrigation and reducing the throat causes of snoring, with the snoring eliminated, you no longer feel fatigued next day and can avoid extra calories.