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Welcome to the Grossan Institute

When you enter the Grossan Institute web page you see all manner of advice that can help you to be healthy. When you learn that hot tea, lemon and honey can clear you sinuses, that lifting up the tip of your nose can stop your snoring, or that taking papaya can open your blocked ears, then you are on the road to better health.

I admit that many of my recommendations are unusual. But, when my patient is able to do a simple exercise and stop her dizziness, instead of resorting to pills that make her drowsy, that is an accomplishment for me. Getting people well is why I went to medical school.

The first thing about healing an illness is to stop the stress and anxiety chemicals that impair normal healing. I sincerely hope that knowing you can get your answers here from a board certified ear nose and throat specialist will aid your relaxation as an aid to natural healing. But I plan to also show you relaxation techniques from my book. I invite questions. BUT never ask, “Should I have surgery?” The best question to ask is, “What should I do to get well?”

I am looking forward to hearing from you. I stress again, the more you understand how that ear,nose, and throat of yours works, and what the treatment does, the better result you will have, because that knowledge will empower you to better health.

Best wishes to all,
Murray G.

Most Recent Articles

Allergy? Hay Fever? Do the Arithmetic.

Part One: To be free of allergy symptoms, do the numbers. To avoid the fall pollen season symptoms, you need Arithmetic. Allergy to Do number one Allergy is arithmetic. It is the sum of these factors that causes symptoms: Pollen Getting Chilled Extra Dust Spices – peppers, sauces Sneezing hard; blowing the nose hard Exhaustion.…

Be A Good Neighbor. Stop Antibiotic Abuse

The Problem A report issued on Sept 16, is entitled, Antibiotic resistance threats in the United States, 2013. In it, CDC experts discuss this problem. Dr. Steven Solomon is the head of CDC Antibiotic Resistance, and estimated that 23,000 Americans died last year as a result of bacteria resistance to regular antibiotics. How did bacteria…

Lump in the Throat Is this Globus Hystericus?

  Swallowing disorders, speech disorders, and  chronic cough fit a diagnosis of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux or LPR. LPPR symptoms: I have a lump in my throat. My voice sounds raspy. I have to clear my throat often I have a sore throat where I feel a lump in my throat. Something is stuck in my throat…

A Vitamin/Antioxidant for Tinnitus

Vitamins/antioxidants are essential to hearing and prevent/treat tinnitus Ringing in the ears – tinnitus – bothers millions of persons all over the world. Often it is caused by noise trauma, especially among the military. Free Radicals, the Waste Products In the past, treatments were directed at increasing circulation to the inner ear. Now studies show…

Stop Snoring from Allergy Now

As I write this, August 2013, the grass pollen allergy season is in full swing and you can hear  snoring in many apartments. Jack V., age 28,  never snores except during May and June. This bothers his companion and he is exiled to the couch. He came to see me for a solution, other than…

TINNITUS: The Whole Person Program – Relief of Ringing in the Ear

TINNITUS: The Whole Person Program:  Relief of Ringing in the Ear   The key to tinnitus relief is to engage the entire person in a program that changes the  ringing in the ear circuits. In order to engage the whole person, the program consists of three items:   The Book The Whole Person Tinnitus Relief…

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