Be A Good Neighbor. Stop Antibiotic Abuse

The Problem
A report issued on Sept 16, is entitled, Antibiotic resistance threats in the United States, 2013. In it, CDC experts discuss this problem. Dr. Steven Solomon is the head of CDC Antibiotic Resistance, and estimated that 23,000 Americans died last year as a result of bacteria resistance to regular antibiotics.
How did bacteria get to be resistant to antibiotics? Because the drugs were abused.
These are the common causes:
1. Too small a dose. When the drug dose was too weak, it was very easy for the bacteria to develop a resistance.
2. The patient stopped the antibiotic as soon as they felt better. Whether it is a ten-day dose or a three-day one, the correct duration of the medication must be followed.
3. The patient stopped the pills and saved them when her kids got sick. Same thing; after two days the kid felt better and so she stopped the pills to give to another child as needed.
4. Not following directions. Directions are to take one twice a day on empty stomach. Taking the pills with food instead reduced the “killing dose” and allowed the drug resistance to develop. Taking only one pill a day instead of two did the same.
5. Giving the drug for a virus instead of for the right bacteria. This can also lead to resistance.
6. The patient decided to save the pills for another infection, and used them after the expiration date. The pills were too weak and allowed the bacteria to develop resistance.

When Antibiotics Don’t Work
Patient complains of a bad cough. X-ray shows an infection that is regularly treated with Cipro. But the cultures show that this bug is no longer sensitive to Cipro, or any similar drug. So the doctors try much bigger doses. Turns out they didn’t work and the patient dies. Or, if he is one of the two million patients that get a resistant infection, he survives, but has problems from all those drugs.
Another situation when you have resistant bacteria: This young female patient had a bacteria that is only sensitive to Gentamycin. If you give her the medicine she may lose her hearing and be deaf her entire life. If you don’t give her the medicine she may die. This is a terrible dilemma for doctors to face, as well as the patient.

When You Avoid Antibiotics
For a common cold, should you rush to the pharmacy and get nose spray, cough syrup, decongestants and cough suppressants? Or should you rent a funny movie and drink lots of green tea with lemon and honey? Answer: the Green Tea is best.
You have had an infected throat three times last your with antibiotics. You feel another one coming on. Should you run to the doctor and get more antibiotics? Most of my patients with that history use the Hydro Pulse Throat Irrigator that comes with the Hydro Pulse Nasal/Sinus Irrigator. The gentle pulsation gets out the bacteria on the surface and in the deep crypts of the tonsils. The pulsing action massages away the swelling and brings good circulation to the area. Same thing if you have tonsil infections.

If you are starting to cough, should you immediately have a chest X Ray and get antibiotics? If the cough is due to drainage from the sinuses, using Hydro Pulse to clear the sinus and postnasal drip condition often clears that problem. The pulse wave action of the Hydro Pulse is at a frequency that best restores the normal motion of the nasal cilia. With normal nasal cilia movement, the bacteria are moved out of the nose and sinuses in the best manner. There are 35 million persons in the US with chronic sinusitis; restoring the nasal cilia can help most of them. Best of all, once the nasal cilia are normal, there is no further need to continue irrigation. No need to be more normal.

If you feel a pain in your ear, check the jaw joint in front. That may be where your pain is coming from.
In the report, Dr Michael Bell of CDC states, “ Unless we stop the antibiotic abuse, we may arrive where we have no antibiotics for treating bacterial infections!”

You are the SOLUTION
Years ago there was this craze where each person sends a dollar to ten friends. Then they send to their ten friends, and so on. Soon you would be receiving a lot of money yourself – so they thought.

If you send this letter to at least five friends, and they send the letter to their five friends, and so on, soon every neighbor will be helping his or her neighbor. Without so many unnecessary antibiotics, eventually the drug resistance might be reduced or eliminated.

A good neighbor helps his neighbor. Send this letter to as many friends as you can, and tell them to pass it on. You could be saving a life you love.