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Welcome to the Grossan Institute

When you enter the Grossan Institute web page you see all manner of advice that can help you to be healthy. When you learn that hot tea, lemon and honey can clear you sinuses, that lifting up the tip of your nose can stop your snoring, or that taking papaya can open your blocked ears, then you are on the road to better health.

I admit that many of my recommendations are unusual. But, when my patient is able to do a simple exercise and stop her dizziness, instead of resorting to pills that make her drowsy, that is an accomplishment for me. Getting people well is why I went to medical school.

The first thing about healing an illness is to stop the stress and anxiety chemicals that impair normal healing. I sincerely hope that knowing you can get your answers here from a board certified ear nose and throat specialist will aid your relaxation as an aid to natural healing. But I plan to also show you relaxation techniques from my book. I invite questions. BUT never ask, “Should I have surgery?” The best question to ask is, “What should I do to get well?”

I am looking forward to hearing from you. I stress again, the more you understand how that ear,nose, and throat of yours works, and what the treatment does, the better result you will have, because that knowledge will empower you to better health.

Best wishes to all,
Murray G.

Most Recent Articles

Ragweed Season Helpful Hints

The bad news is that the numbers of persons with allergy is increasing. With this increase comes the complications of asthma, sinusitis, sinus headaches and bad sleep. Recently Quest Diagnostics announced that there is a 15% increase in Ragweed Allergy over the past four years. This company does allergy diagnostic testing from blood samples. They…

When You Sinus Gives You a Headache

Headache refers to pain in the head. There are so many causes- Migraine, Pre-Menstrual, Neck Sprain, TMJD, neuralgia and eye strain, the last thing you need is one due to allergy or sinus. But they do occur. Why? How to prevent and treat them? Nasal Cilia: In your nose you have tiny cilia, which are…

Your Temporomandibular Joint

Originally man fought with his jaw and teeth, so it is not surprising that tight jaw muscles are a manifestation of fear, anxiety and aggressiveness. The muscles of the jaw are the ones that are used in anxiety and stress. Your lower jaw (mandible) is connected to the head right in front of your ear.…

Do You have “dirty” ears?

Ear Wax/cerumen is a natural product. It is supposed to be in the ear canal. It contains useful antibiotic properties to protect against infection. It acts in the ear canal like oil on your skin. Why do we have ear problems of the ear canal? It is because we are not designed for modern living…

Why stress for a runny nose?

I am often asked what is an Ear Nose and Throat specialist doing writing about and curing people of stress? In Stressed? Anxiety? Your Cure is in the Mirror on page 336 I actually devote several sections on reducing stress chemicals for postnasal drip, chronic sinusitis and ENS. Frequently I see patients who have had…

Fourth of July -Don’t Lose Your Hearing

Every fourth we get a patient or two who has hearing loss from the fourth noise.  Please, if there is noise, use your fingers or hands to protect your hearing. This can be serious. I am especially concerned about children.  Of course children don’t know any better.  They can expose themselves to excess noise and…

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