Do you get Nosebleeds?

When the nose is dry and crusted, it may bleed, especially if one goes to a dry or cold area at high altitude. For the acute nose bleed try nose drops, such as Neosynephrine 1/4% . Place on cotton, place the cotton in the nose and press gently from the outside. Sitting up is best. Ice to the face may help. Try to stay calm, the more the excitement to more the blood pressure the more the bleeding.

For chronic nose bleeds, Use lots of saline nose spray and an antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin Ointment in a 15 gram tube. This has a pointed tip you can insert into the nose, the soft part, then squeeze the nose from the outside to spread it around. Do this 2 or 3 times a day. In most cases of bleeding the nose is infected and the antibiotic ointment helps. If you are taking aspirin or aspirin substitutes, including non steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, this may cause you to bleed.

Dry climates are a frequent cause of bleeding; in this case, use lots of saline nose spray. Most important, keep the bedroom moist at night. Hang a wet towel, put water in a bowl, have a plant that takes lots of water. If you need to pick your nose for crusts, your nose is too dry – use an enhanced nasal moisturizing spray and/or gel, whatever works best for you. Absolutely avoid any preparations with additives or preservatives – these usually cause more problems than they solve.

Nosebleeds are seldom fatal. It looks bad and it feels bad but it isn’t bad in most cases. Stay off the phone, the caller will make you anxious and raise your blood pressure. If you have generally fragile blood vessels, Rutin taken by mouth daily is helpful. (see Post Nasal Drip, Sinusitis , Scuba .