Free Yourself from Sinus and Allergy Problems Permanently. Nasal Cilia

Free Yourself from Sinus and Allergy Problems Permanently.

Question: There are cilia that sweep away bacteria. Where are they located?

Will this book stop you from having one sinus infection after another as soon as you stop the antibiotic? Yes, because persons who get the infection back within six weeks of stopping the antibiotic generally do so because the cilia have not returned to normal, so essentially, without cilia defense, they are going to have another infection as soon as the antibiotic wears off. Restoring cilia function is the key to this person’s health (unless there are some permanent anatomical changes, which I will describe later).

Earlier, I mentioned how some people sneeze when exposed to fake roses. How much does the mind have to do with healing? In this book I give you the results of my investigations into the practices of the ancient “temples of healing.” It turns out, they did work—but for a scientific reason. In ancient temples, the patient was put to rest, both physical and mental. This allowed his own natural cortisone levels to be restored so that his asthma was “healed.” Also, he was given visualization to “see” himself healed. He was “shown” a way to restore his health, to take charge of his healing. Because this method of healing has worked for 3,000 years, I have included the means to do visualization healing in this book. Fortunately, you won’t have to travel to a faraway temple, as it all takes place in your mind. We know that rest and relaxation and even smiling increases your immune factors. It is important to engage your mind in your healing process. This is the theme of my book, Stressed? Anxiety? Your Cure is in the Mirror. This method is elaborated in the section on Medication Enhancement.

Did you know that some people have ruined their eyes by rubbing them too hard? Yet millions of persons blow their noses with enough force to cause damage. I spend time urging my patients to only blow gently, or not at all. Finally, I learned to demonstrate how gentle the Hydro Pulse nasal/sinus irrigator – is and show them what is considered gentle. One of best uses of the Hydro Pulse has been in demonstrating to children just how gently they should blow the nose, by using the Hydro Pulse instead of nose blowing.

You’ve read a little about symptoms and signs that indicate whether or not your have a sinus sickness. If you do have this sickness—the medical term is sinusitis—there are a variety of treatments that will usually help and even cure sinusitis. When you know how and why these treatments work, you can be a more effective self-healer. Let’s start with understanding how your healthy sinuses work, followed by what happens when your sinuses get sick.

The Healthy Sinuses—and Healthy Cilia
In your sinuses you have a wonderful arrangement called the mucociliary system. “Muco” refers to the mucus—that liquid stuff that comes out when your nose runs and when you blow your nose. “Ciliary” refers to tiny hairs, like oars, that work to push the toxic materials and bacteria out of your nasal passages. The healthy action of the cilia to clear your nasal passages is called mucociliary clearance. As long as the system works, you have sinus health. The exact same process of cilia defense is in your chest. (Poor movement of chest cilia is found in severe asthma.)

Let’s follow the action. Normally, some bacteria will enter your nose on a dust particle, in a liquid spray from someone’s sneeze, or when the winds stir up bacteria-laden particles. These bacteria get trapped in the mucus of your nose. Before they have a chance to multiply, the bacteria are swept along by millions of these tiny cilia—these oars that stay in place along the nasal passages. These cilia sweep the mucus and bacteria to the back of your throat, where the mucus is swallowed. You stomach does the job of killing the bacteria with stomach acid. You have an identical system that sweeps materials up and out of your chest airways as well.

There are other defenses, too. Your body produces enzymes in the mucus, as well as good white cells that attack the bacteria. There are antibodies especially designed for certain unwanted bacteria and viruses. There is a complicated inflammatory system that dilutes the bacteria, that brings white cells to the bacteria, that “melts” the bacteria.

In the body’s allergy defense mechanisms, antibodies are produced to dilute and neutralize offending materials that enter your nose, so that these materials won’t harm your body.

Nasty bacteria enter your body every day. Fortunately, when you are healthy, bacteria, viruses, pollens, and other offending materials are swept away by your mucociliary clearance system—like brooms sweeping away dirt.


Answer to question where are the cilia? The cilia that sweep away bacteria are located in the nose, sinuses and the chest.