What is Clear.ease™ and What is it Used For?

cleareaseWe get many questions from readers. I will try to answer them here.

Clear.ease™ is a mixture of enzymes produced from fruit. The Bromelain comes from unripe pineapples, especially the stems, and the Papain from fresh papaya.

Why Do People Use These Enzymes?

Each of these products has been used in folklore for centuries. Historically, you rub papaya over bee stings and festering wounds. The enzyme reduces the inflammatory products. Bromelain has been used in combination with n trypsin and rutin for osteoarthritis.

What is a Proteolytic Enzyme?

Both Bromelain and Papain are proteolytic enzymes or proteases, which mean that they reduce proteins, especially unwanted ones of inflammation.

What Does FCCPU Measurement Mean?

Clear.ease is a combination of Bromelain and Papain. Both are calibrated as to enzyme effectiveness, called FCCPU enzyme units. Each lozenge contains 1 million FCCPU enzyme units of Bromelain, and 1/2 million FCCPU units of Papain activity. Otherwise, measuring by weight has little value.

Bromelain and Papain are combined so that the combination is more effective that each alone.

Since both come from fruit, Clear.ease™ lozenges have a nice fruity taste, pleasant and even refreshing!

I see Bromelain and Papain Advertised for Digestion; is that what it’s Used For?

They may be used to help digest food. Since these enzymes are digested in the stomach, they are best dissolved in the mouth between the cheek and the gums to avoid stomach digestion. That area is called the buccal pouch. Clear.ease™ should not be dissolved under the tongue.

Can People Who Are Not Scuba Divers use Clear.ease™?

Various benefits have been attributed to Papain and Bromelain. In my practice, I recommend this for scuba divers who have difficulty in clearing their ears. Since it is only a fruit, it is safe to take while scuba diving or piloting a plane. The enzyme action reduces inflammation/swelling that may be blocking the Eustachian tube. Divers need to have the Eustachian tube open so they can equalize the pressure as they descend or ascend. Anyone with an ear blockage due to this blockage can take this too. I have patients who use it for flying to prevent that blockage.

For voice problems, there is often mucus that is too thick that interferes with the larynx. Taking Clear.ease™ one three or four times a day thins the mucus and helps reduce any simple swelling is often effective.

Pain from the sinus or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) accompanies inflammation. Therefore, I recommend this product one 3 or 4 times a day for these areas where there is pain/discomfort. Sore throat pain due to inflammation may respond to dissolving these in the buccal pouch.

I See Corticosteroids used for Swelling. Which is better, Clear.ease™ or Prednisone?

Prednisone is better as a product for swollen joints, etc. Think of inflammation as like getting all the city licenses to open a store: you need business license, tax ID, water, gas, electricity, building permit, state license, etc.  In inflammation you have at least 12 factors of inflammation, so, in a sense, Prednisone takes care of eight of those. In another sense, Papain and Bromelain take care of six of those twelve. Prednisone would be more helpful for a swollen joint, say a twisted ankle. However, Clear.ease™ doesn’t have the side effects of a corticosteroid.

I Get a Sore Mouth Whenever I Get Dental Care. Would Clear.ease™ help?

Always check with your dentist on that, but since Clear.ease™ reduces inflammation and pain due to inflammation, it should be quite helpful.

I Read that it is Recommended for Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, and Crohn’s disease. What is your experience?

I read that in Wikipedia too. See reference Onken.  The claim is that since these are diseases of inflammation, and Bromelain reduces inflammation, that they should be tried for these. I have had no experience here.

Who should not take Clear.ease™?

If you are allergic to pineapple or papaya, or kiwi, the Clear.ease™ should not be used.

There have boon studies showing the use of Bromelain in Osteoarthritis. See Brien

Another study shows Bromelain as an aid in inflammation.  See Onken.




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