More people are using the Throat Hydro Pulse™ irrigator!

Once upon a time, tonsils were removed for little or no reason. This was wrong. The only reason for tonsil removal, in my clinic was the same as for removal of an eye. If the eye was diseased and sending disease to the body, and all efforts to cure the eye infection had failed. then it had to be removed. Similarly if all afforts to cure the infected tonsils had failed, and they were causing serious disease, then removal was indicted.
Early efforts was limited to dosing with more antibiotics; soon these became less effective. Then I developed the Hydro Pulse throat irrigator. This sends a pulsing stream directly to the tonsil where it moves out toxic products that are replaced hy the healing elements. The pulse action particularly gets into the crypts of the tonsils where the odor causing bacteria accumulate. Quick removal 0f these stale materials is a direct cause of the tonsil retuning to health.
People still get sore throats. It is vital to treat these early when the full healing proporties of the body are available. If the Heydro Pulse throat is use to rinse away bacteria, and encourage introduction of healing lysozmes and good white defenders, then a full blown tonsillitis infetion can be avoided..
I practice in a 5 persons surgical specialty group that does advanced ear nose and throat surgery. Other doctors refer their patients to me to do the indicted surgery, including tonsillectomy. Fortunatly, using these natral means of theray, very few patients fail to respond to the Hydro Pulse Throat therapy. Best of all, the younger kids learn to do this irrigtion on their own and start it at the earliest sighn of a sore throat.