Do You have what Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Bono, Cher and others have? Tinnitus?

Tinnitus therapy is sought my millions, ever the rich and famous!

Imagine you are Eric Clampton, or George Harrison or Bono, and you regularly are exposed to loud amplifiers.
Imagine you are William Shatner playing Captain Kirk, and you as well as Leonard Nimoy, Sylvester Stallone and dozens of others have been exposed to loud explosions while filming.
What do these and millions of others have in common? They have a constant ringing in their ears.

Normally you hear a sound, a ringing from the phone; but persons with Tinnitus hear this same noise when there is nothing outside making any sound.

I imagine that when persons like Bob Dylan went to the doctor to complain about “ringing in the ear,” the doctor treated them well.

However, for the majority of persons with tinnitus, they see the doctor, complain of this constant noise in my ear, and the doctor rolled his eyes up, and said, “Just learn to live with it. Just ignore it. It’s subjective.” This happens to be totally wrong advice, as you will learn here, because a great deal can be done for healing noises in the ear.
Why do doctors dismiss this difficulty? Because as doctors:
a. We can’t objectively measure this.
b. We can’t record it
c. We can’t identify what part of the brain this is coming from
d. The latest MRI won’t show it.

Doctors know this: a person can have a hearing loss with tinnitus that we can fix by surgery. We fix the hearing loss, and get an excellent result. Some patients no longer have tinnitus; some continue to have it or maybe it is even worse!

Someone is seen with a growth that requires brain surgery. She never had ringing in the ear before and her hearing is good. After removing the hearing nerve, the growth is successfully removed, and now, for the first time, she has tinnitus.

Persons with normal hearing can be placed in an absolutely sound proof room. They hear a ringing in their ears.

One theory is that in hearing there is a mechanism similar to the old time TV sets, where there was a hum when you turned it on before the TV station came on the air; the hum went away as soon as the TV station started broadcasting. Similarly there is a carrier wave in the brain that is present; when sound comes in, that carrier wave is acted upon and then the brain interprets the sound. So, when there is a hearing loss, the brain hears the carrier wave.

If you, like Larry King, have tinnitus, you don’t have to tell the doctor, “I have a noise in my ear.” You won’t have to hear the doctor say, “It’s just all in your head.”

Now, you can download the app, Ear Ringing Relief from iTunes for the iPhone. There are two parts to this app. Part one is a series of simple actions you can do that reduces the tinnitus symptoms.

The second part is a series of tinnitus sounds you can test to see which one sounds like your tinnitus. Then you can adjust the volume to match your own volume. Now, when you see the doctor instead of some vague, “I have a sound in my ear,” you simply present the actual sound. You no longer will be told, “Oh, it’s all in your head.” No, now it is heard in the room.

The Ear Ringing Relief app has therapies too. This will be discussed next blog.

Remember: It is important to prevent hearing loss and tinnitus. Download a sound meter from the app store, they are free.