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I have encountered many distressed tinnitus sufferers who were told, “nothing can be done for it; just learn to live with it.” This is simply not true. The purpose of publishing the Ear Ringing Relief App is because, yes, something can give tinnitus relief with simple actions.”

In the Hearing Health Journal of Summer 2012, Dr Shi Y of Oregon Institute concludes that a variety of therapies should be applied for tinnitus relief.1
From the Maastrict University, published in Lancet 2012, comes research that applying several therapies helps tinnitus patients. 2
The Ear Ringing Relief App supplies those recommendations.

Ten million persons seek relief from ringing in the ears, tinnitus. Most products offered are from persons who do not personally treat tinnitus patients on a daily basis.
The Ear Ringing Relief App is based on my personal results with hundreds of patients. It summarizes the program for tinnitus in Stressed? Anxiety? Your Cure is in the Mirror.
In 1974 I pioneered the use of biofeedback for tinnitus. Since then I have added relaxation therapy and neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is the science of changing the brain. The brain is the definitive source of tinnitus symptoms.
How this App works:
Various reflexes and pathways build up in tinnitus patients. Sometimes it may be from muscles or ear stimuli, it may be from anxiety/stress amplification. Even poor sleep may be a factor.
By using this app on a regular basis, in every patient, new tracks can be laid down that replace the tinnitus tracks.
The simplest example, is someone who can’t do a good tennis serve. She gets a coach and practices daily; soon she automatically does good tennis serves. She has new pathways laid down that replace old ones. Similarly, you repeat the actions from the App.

Another example: when you were age 14 you didn’t know to step on the brake when you drive a car and see a red light. With practice you now have a reflex: see the red light–foot on the brake.
With the Grossan Ear Ringing Relief App, you perform ten actions to build up correct circuits for tinnitus. You have a coach with you – the mirror to show you when you do it right.
More important, the Ear Ringing Relief App applies the latest knowledge about tinnitus therapy, from the Oregon Health and Research Institute – 20121; and from Lancet Medical Journal – 2012 2, namely that when you treat the Whole Person, tinnitus is improved or healed.
This Whole Person Approach engages the entire body in the healing. This works because patients understand WHY the actions they perform work! When you combine the coach part of this tinnitus App, the patient benefits.
The Ear Ringing Relief App will enable those with tinnitus to apply the tinnitus relief actions via iPhone or iPad easily and effectively. The App also provides for masking developed by Oregon Institute, and nerve enhancement, that I developed.

When we test for tinnitus, we identify which sounds are like the tinnitus. The Ringing in the Ear Relief App offers these sounds, they can be heard on your smart phone and patients can determine how much relief they get from hearing the same sound from outside. Somewhat like you shine a bright light in the eye and then you can’t see for a while. Some persons get good results.
In Nerve Enhanement, you use a biofeedback technique, where you play the tinnitus sound from the App into the normal ear. Then you lower the volume and that enables the tinnitus from the affected ear to lower the volume to match the App volume. Gradually the affected ear will continue to reduce volume.

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My book, Stressed? Anxiety? Your Cure is in the Mirror contains the entire Tinnitus Relief program.

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