Chronic Sinusitis? A Drug Free Approach is Best

Take steps to be free of Chronic Sinusitis and Allergy The majority of patients I see in consultation already have had two or three months of the latest, “best” antibiotics. They complain of nasal congestion, yellow green discharge, poor sleep-…

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From: Free Yourself from Sinus and Allergy Problems-Permanently

What is sinusitis? Jim S went to his dentist because of pain in the left upper pre-molar areas. His dentist couldn’t find any cavities. He took an X-ray and showed Jim fluid in the maxillary sinus, pressing on the dental…

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How to be Free of Sinus and Allergy Permanently Book contnued

Why Do We Have Sinuses? The most common question a patient in pain will ask me is, “Why do we have sinuses?” No, they weren’t put in your head just to give business to the doctors. Sinuses are hollow spaces…

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Book, Free Yourself from Sinus Here

The purpose of Grossan Institutue is to provide information that you yourself can use to take charge of your illness. Information that is valid, proven and explained fully is best. What better way then than to publish in the blog…

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