Is it Allergy or Sinusitis? Why Breakfast in Bed for Allergy?

To prevent snoring, have breakfast in bed. Huh? Please explain: If you go to any pharmacy today, you will find the shelves crammed with pills, sprays, inhalers, and liquids for allergy relief. You will find those aisles crowded by persons…

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ADHD in Children. Or is it just snoring?

ADHD in Children. Or is it just snoring? Recent studies of ADHD have pointed to behavior problems, inattention, and crankiness in children as part of the ADHD syndrome. However these behaviors are also seen in children who snore. Even children…

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Snoring Causes the Healthy Partner to Develop Snoring. How to Stop Snoring Part Twelve

It is astonishing to me that when I see a patient for snoring, how often the partner is also snoring! Why does this happen? Actually there are several causes. In some cases, the partner is losing sleep due to the…

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When Your Child Snores: Stop Snoring Part Eleven

Your child snores. He is cranky, his breath is offensive. He falls asleep in school and is achievement is below par. He doesn’t seem to have pep and energy. She is irritable: before she snored she was always sweet and…

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