Tinnitus Magic from the Ear Ringing Relief App

   If you have ringing in the ear, it may comfort you to know that Barbara Streisand, Engelbert Humperdinck, President Eisenhower, Ozzy Osbourne and Peter Frampton have it too. This therapy is for them as well.      You, as well…

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Got Tinnitus? What is your score?

Keeping Score in Tinnitus You don’t need a scorecard to know that musicians such as Eric Clampton, James Hatfield of Metallica, Kevin Shields –guitarist, and others who were exposed to amplifiers, had worse tinnitus after those exposures. However the score…

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Do You have what Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Bono, Cher and others have? Tinnitus?

Tinnitus therapy is sought my millions, ever the rich and famous! Imagine you are Eric Clampton, or George Harrison or Bono, and you regularly are exposed to loud amplifiers. Imagine you are William Shatner playing Captain Kirk, and you as…

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Tinnitus Relief with the Ear Ringing Relief App

Millions of persons have ringing in the ears, tinnitus, and suffer needlessly. Often they are told to “just live with it.” Since it is subjective – only they can hear it, they may be viewed as “just imagining it.” But…

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