What is the Grossan Institute? Why is it Written?

What is the Grossan Institute? Why is it Written? The Grossan Institute blog is a result of my medical school training in rural Georgia. We were trained to be country doctors, and to practice without the fancy big city facilities.…

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Rhinoplasty and Empty Nose Syndrome

In Rhinoplasty – rhino nose – and plasty to reshape, the surgeon seeks to improve the nasal appearance. However, at the same time, if there is a breathing difficulty such as a nasal septum that blocks the airway, or a…

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How the Hydro-Pulse® was Invented for sinusitis, allergy and postnasal drip

How the Hydro-Pulse® was Invented Before Antibiotics Before there were antibiotics, treating sinusitis meant office visits with treatments that could be unpleasant, such as flushing the sinus using instruments. Then when antibiotics came along, now there was a simple pill…

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Prevent and Reduce Hearing Loss With Magnesium

Magnesium and Antioxidants Reduce Hearing Loss in Research Study When Hearing Loss is Common There are certain populations where hearing loss is seen regularly. For example, Longshore workers who are exposed to very loud sirens, signaling devices, steel clanging on…

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